To provide you with the best possible service, we have put all the services clearly together on this page. So we know for sure that your personal choice can be found here, whether it is a sensual or relaxing massage or any other type ? When you select one of our packages, gets a free Lingam bonus free of charge.

Do you fancy an erotic encounter that knows no bounds ? Our masseuses are at your service. Enjoy first class of this special moment and forget the bustle, call our special hotel service for whole Amsterdam. Within 30 minutes one or two of our masseuses will appear in the hotel room.

See the ” pricing page” to determine the duration of your massage, our service is minimal to order from 60 minutes. Make your choice and call our hotel service and enjoy this special moment : +31 (0)618633672 . With us you are in good hands !

Forget the daily routine and leave it behind you, now is the time to charge your battery fully with one of our exclusive packages, and enjoy one of our special deals that we have to offer.

We have developed a special oil for every type of massage that will have an invigorating and refreshing effect on your skin. We use an essential oil that is combined with (simmondsia californica) jojoba oil. Which regulates acid metabolism and you will restore the balance completely. One of the characteristics of jojoba oil is that it is rich in vitamin E include some very balanced and essential minerals. Your skin will be treated with a special treat and is absorbed by the body equally. Therefore it is important that you take a bath or shower beforehand so that the oil can do its job properly.

To ensure that you will receive only the very best we have for you a clear and bright page for each type of massage. Click on the photos to see what you can expect from your massage of your choice. We take care of each of the service chosen by you in detail, all you need to do is dial the number you see on the website.
Give you this special relaxing time together with one or two of our sensual and erotic lady, they will provide you with an absolutely unprecedented time like no other in their own way.

Choose your massage you desire, and today just throw all the stress away from you! Stress is a critical factor in our body, this needs to be drained out of the body and mind as soon as possible, and everybody need to make some extra time for relaxation and ultimate pleasure. Pleasure and relaxation are 2 of the most important thing in life. Our masseuses are happy to help you with your pains and stress, after 60, 90 or 120 minutes of massage you feel so fresh that tomorrow you will feel reborn.

Couples can also use our massage service when they want to give their relationship a boost or an extra dimension. Blessed together enjoying a spontaneous and extraordinary intimate massage. We always find the match to fit you both your desire !

We kindly request before the masseuse arrives in your hotel room to take in advance a delicious warm / hot shower or bath because hygiene is as important for you as for us, and has the added advantage that all pores are opened for maximum effect and enjoyment. We thank you for your understanding.


We make every occasion special and want only the best for all our customers. We only work with the most exceptional masseuses with you at your own hotel for the maximum relaxation effect. Pamper yourself with one of our charming ladies.


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9:00am - 6:00am

Saturday - Sunday
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